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tv   Today  NBC  April 7, 2011 9:00am-10:00am EDT

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we're back now with more "today" on a thursday morning. it's the 7th of april, 2011. those april showers have been flirting with the area actually over the last 48 hours. it's been kind of a nasty week. they seem to have stopped right now. we're seeing people outside. let's pause and let them wave. all right. we're done. inside i'm inside the studio with al roker and tamron hall. straight ahead, new details on the jaycee dugard case. the man accused of holding her
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captive for almost two decades expected to plead today. we'll get an update on that case. also coming up how hormones can impact your mood and body. hormonal imbalances from pub better to menopause. dr. nancy snyder is here with hormones and what it's all about. also men suffer from hormonal imbalances. it's not just the ladies. >> what's that supposed to mean? >> do i look fat in those jeans and questions that you ask. also ahead, navigating the tumultuous real estate market, from finding an inexpensive home when you're getting ready to retire as well as getting in on the government incentives. today barbara corcoran is here with the 411. later on, prince william may be march iing down the aisle, b there's still enough european princes left. for those of you looking, we're going to show you where. first you've got a check of our
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top news stories. >> yes, i'm going to try to get myself together. house and senate leaders left the white house meeting last night without reaching a budget deal to prevent a partial government shutdown this weekend. however, president obama says progress had been made. moammar gadhafi is appealing to president obama to stop the air strike over libya in a rambling three-page letter. and this morning libyans say they were hit by air strikes, forcing them to retreat. a second american has been confirmed dead after the devastating earthquake and tsunami in japan, this as workers at the krimmed fudge she mae facility are injecting nitrogen into the reactor to prevent a hydrogen explosion. a guilty plea is expected today from man who allegedly kidnapped jaycee dugard and held her captive for nearly two decades. nbc's miguel is there in
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placerville, california. >> reporter: phillip and nancy garrido are due back in court to face 18 counts of false imprisn'tment, rape and child pornography. jaycee dugard was snatched at a bus stop not far from her home when jaycee was just 11 years old. phillip garrido has yet to enter a plea in his nearly two-year-old case but his wife's attorney says phillip garrido will plead guilty to all charges, a move expected to keep his wife from a life in prison and spare dugard from testifying. >> the district attorney is expecting a plea then i assume because he's guilty and because he doesn't want jaycee to go through the trials and trib lags of this trial. >> reporter: it was in this background that he allegedly
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held her captive. prosecutors say garrido raped dugard and fathered two daughters with her when she was was just a teenager. a convicted sex offender, parole officers visited garrido at his house 60 times during jaycee's kidnapping, although officials failed to inspect the background compound despite the gps ankle bracelet showing he spent much of his time there. last year the state of california pald jaycee dugard $20 million in a settlement admitting they failed to adequately monitor garrido. according to court documents in 2004, jaycee wrote in her journal about being held captive, quote, it feels like i'm sinking. this is supposed to be my life to do with what i like, but once again, he has taken it away. as for the case against nancy garrido, phillip's wife, so far she's pled not guilty to the crimes. her lawyer says she should be
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punished less severely than her husband. >> she's not a, quote, aider and abetter in the sex crimes, not being in the same building does not mean you're a principipapri. she's willing to plead to what she did. >> reporter: experts familiar with the case say an expected guilty plea by phillip garrido would help his wife's legal batter. >> reporter: neither the public defender or prosecutor would discuss a possible plea deal. those close to jaycee dugard say she is prepared to testify. fox's talk show host glenn beck says he will end his show later this year. beck has suffered from a ratings plunge and an advertising boycott. if you've gobts to say it, you might say it with flowers. she was shocked when a thief rang up $24 on her stolen credit card with a note saying thanks
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for your money. in case you were wondering the thief used the stolen credit card to send the bouquet. great guy or woman. >> you always assume it's the guy. >> that's kind of a guy thing to do. i'm sorry. forgive me. i like guys but i'm making a generalization. sorry. >> that was a little gutsy. >> i was going to use another word. was going to say. check on the weather. >> let's see what's happening for you for today. we've got wet weather making its way through the pacific northwest and coastal california. got a few showers moving off the northeast coast. we've got a risk of strong storms later today in the mid-mississippi river valley, more rain where they don't need it up through the dakotas. wed weather along the california coast. sunny and hot along the gulf coast and the morning sprinkles >> we start out dry, but later
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this afternoon and evening, a slight chance of a little bit of rain. mr. of clouds and sunshin and that's your latest weather. tamron? all right. al, thank you. on today's daily doze, surviving ups and downs. all men and women fluctuate with hormones. these powerful chemicals not only affect you but the people around you. i'm trying to catch my breath. it's hormonal. nbc's chief medical director, dr. nancy snyderman. >> that's it.
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it's hormones as work. >> nonetheless we often refer to our home moans out of whack. what does that mean? >> our bodies are cascaded with hormones. there's thepy tu tear glanld that goes to your thyroid gland that goes to your other glanlds, the pancreas, your kidneys, even the testicles and ovaries. they keep us in these biorhythms and when one is out of sync, you know, we sometimes feel this. but these are normal hormones that all human beings possess. >> what functions are controlled by our hormones? >> our most basic is our metabolism. >> it's stoked because i ran. >> our growth and development. mood swings. even if your thyroid is out of balance, you hear women talk about being fatigued or being hyperactive, a change in your skin. and women particularly when they're in the reproductive years will talk about estrogen and progesterone being an
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important part of not only reproduction but later when they go through perry menopausal systems. >> so it is real, it is science, and it's not something in our head. >> it's real and it's cool science. >> let's talk about some of the questions people have. we have an e-mail from katy on long island. she writes, is it true that men can go through menopause too? i swear my husband sometimes has more mood swings than i do. >> yeah. we used to not give much credence to this but now there's a thought that there is this male menopause idea. that is, men when they go through their 40s and 50s have a decrease in testosterone. they'll talk about a loss of sex drive. is this a normal aging process? just sort of what happens to you? >> why is it still a question. >> or should it be something that's being treated. but no doubt, men will talk about mood swings and they'll talk about loss of sex drive and energy. and it probably has to do with a
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mid-life change in hormones. >> so i'm asking why is it still a question? >> it's not so much it's a question about whether it happens. it's a question about whether it's normal. we tend to want to treat everything in life. is this a sort of natural phenomena and you embrace it or do you want to fix it. >> how do we control our hormones? >> you mean every day? >> are supplements a part of it? >> for most of us we're lucky enough to be born with a normal biorhythm. thepy tu tair glanld talks with everything else. particularly after child birth and around perimenopause. for women, if you notice a change in your skin or hair or hot flashes or cold when everybody else is hot or you have phenomenal fatigue, ask to
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see about having your thyroid hormonal levels checked. simple blood test and simple replacement. for more complicated levels, yes, there are usually replacements. >> let's get to brenda. she joins us. good morning. what's your question? >> yes. hi, dr. nancy snyderman. i have a question about bioidentical hormones in estrogen-positive breast cancer. a lot of my readers on my blog thing that biochemical hormones are already even though their oncologists have told them to steer clear of all forms of estrogen. so i'd like to take on this. >> well, you know, i have a -- i won't even tell you a bias. i have a strong opinion about bioidenticals. you can call them bioidenticals or you can call them the hormones that you get from your pharmaceutical company and hormones are still hormones are still hormones. i for one if i had a diagnosis
9:12 am
of breast cancer might not take estrogen that would put me at harm's risk for fueling another breast cancer. for women who want to take bioidentical hormones or any kind of estrogen replacement therapy for the peri menopausal symptoms of hot flashs and stuff, do it for a short time, brenda, and no longer than five years because then we know the incidence goes up. >> thank you very much, from my home state of texas. >> i'm glad you're breathing. >> my hormones are down where they should with. up next, answers to your real estate question from finding the right home and finding the right home inspector. barbara corcoran has the inside info. later, even if prince william is off the market, some day your prince could come. there are many royal european bachelors looking for love. we'll tell you where to find them right after this.
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this morning today's real estate answering some of your urgent problems from qualifying for tax breaks and buying a home dur our tough economic times. today real estate maven in our brick house barbara corcoran. good to see you. >> good morning, al. >> we're going to go to the phone. we've got tara from park city, montana. she's got a question for us. good morning, tara. >> caller: good morning. we purchased our new home and moved in in the summer of 2009. at the time we qualified for the second-time home buyer's government incentive. we sent the government the appropriate information for us to receive this and we have yet to receive this and it is april of 2011. so is this incentive a sham, or what next steps can we take to get what we were promised. >> no, no, it's not a sham at all. something went wrong in the process. you should have gotten that refund within the most four
9:17 am
months. it's been almost a year -- in fact more than a month. all you have to do is call the irs hotline. it's 800-829-1040. just like the form. 1040, easy to remember. call them, get the person's name, confirm the conversation in writing and you should have it in 30 days. absolutely not a scam. you should have the money in your pocket. >> what do you need. >> if you have if forms, probably you have them. let me review them. one you have to have an adjusted gross income of $225,000. the home price has to be $800,000 or less which covers 90% of the homes in america and of course the simple form 5405. fill that out, send it in. that money should have been right in your pocket. >> good luck, tara. now let's go to an e-mail from natalie. she writes i'm debating from moving from connecticut to north carolina or florida and i'd like to find a retirement home in
9:18 am
those areas at $150,000 or less. what can you recommend? >> a couple of things. two areas that immediately come to mind are louisville, north carolina, because almost every home there is under $200,000. what a home you get for that. i think i have a typical home in louisville you can have a look at. the other is orlando, florida. i think i have a home of that as well. this is one in louisville. that's a big home. $199,000 in great indication with a large lot. if you want that much of a house. if you don't want that much, you can spend a lot less money. people are coming from all over the u.s. to migrate there. not only old people but young people. you have a vital community, artsy community. it's a lot of fun. >> and orlando as well. >> orlando. it has a good job market right now. the house prices are beginning to o go up. but still for $199,000, this is a typical home you can get there. what's great about that in addition to that, people are
9:19 am
friendly, and eight out of ten people moving there are from everywhere in the united states? and you have the theme parks. >> you got it. >> let's go to the phone again. you've got donna in pennsylvania. good morning, donna. >> caller: hi. >> what's your question for barbara? >> caller: i want to move to virginia from pennsylvania. i contacted mike beasley in the area. he's a real estate agent. he found me a house. it was a short sail house. it was on the markets in september. price reduced in october to $150,000. i gave them a contract, cash, no contingencies, around they turned it down and raised the price. can they do that? >> what's up with that? >> it's not illegal at all and even if you feel like you've been done in, don't feel that way. what happens is the banks price the house and reprice it again and again based on the most recent appraisal. so it happens all the time what happens to you.
9:20 am
here's the thing. don't be shy about putting another offer in writing. the beauty of the bank, they will always submit it to the short sale and foreclosures department. don't be shy. get right back up and bat and put in your offer. >> we've got one more phone call. this is from baron. good morning. what's your question. >> caller: i'll be closing on a hosehouse in the next week. what are some of the things bile spending that day. >> you're buying a house? >> caller: buying. >> expect to put a lot of money out, expect that the closing costs are going to be a lot more than you expect. typically they're 8% now in most states. so get ready to have buyer's remorse and think it's the worst thing as you write the check but it will probably be the best decision you every made. >> all right, baron.
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we're giving away a million free cups at yoplait dot com. still to come, dreaming of your own royal wedding? we'll tell you where to find your own prince charming. there's plenty out there. >> take a moment. cook in the moment with the bright flavors of spring. first we've got your local news and weather.
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that's 1.888.884.3467. at 800-974-6006 tty/v. get the network that delivers more. get fios. a network ahead. >> live, local, latebreaking. this is a wbal-tv 11 news update. >> this morning we have a mixture of sunshine and clouds. temperatures start out in the 40's to near 50 degrees. watch the warmer air come in today. temperatures and the south will be breaking into the 70's. about all part of the world, we will be stuck in the 60's, which is where we should be accorded a
9:29 am
9:30 am
mi what are you still doing here? the whole reason was to avoid this from happening. >> maybe you shouldn't send post cards to people to notify them of heartbreaking news. >> what is your objective? >> it seems like i'm in the process of getting you back. >> no. i'm getting married in two days. >> that's actress uma thurman. he crashes her wedding. yikes. we'll get a chance to hear from her tomorrow on "today." >> that looks like a good movie. coming up in the next half hour, if you always wanted to live like a princess, you know
9:31 am
that prince william is decidedly off the market but there are other princes out there if you're looking fur your prince. we're going to look at some of the most eligible bachelors in the world. >> exciting. also coping with those april showers in style and classic chic and pops of color. we'll show you how to brighten up a dreary day. i love this. mother and daughter rain gear. absolutely adorable. so cute. you've heard the buzz words, eating local and sustainable agriculture. this morning we're going to be getting seasonal recipes using fruits and vegetables of spring for those who are busy. in the meantime you're going to give us a check of weather? >> for saturday we've got a risk of strong storms nchl the mid-mississippi river valley, rain in the pacific northwest and also the southwest as well. then sunday, sunday we're looking for more heat in the southeast. strong storms from northern
9:32 am
louisiana all the way up into the mid-mississippi river valley. rain in the pacific northwest. sunny and mild in the southeast and southwest and it's going to be hot down through the gulf, mild in >> we are off to a quiet start. a little bit of cloud cover during the day to day. we should stay dry until it is happening or evening that's your latest weather. up next. prince william, kate's got him. we can introduce you to other royal bachelors. ♪
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9:36 am
they'll get. guests will arrive at 10:00 a.m., kate at 11:00. there'll be a procession of karjs following by a kiss on the balcony after kate marries her prince. everyone focuses on them as the most royal eligible bachelors, but there are others, yes, there are. ♪ i have countries and counties ♪ >> reporter: royal weddings got you down as perfectly blue as that dress and the ring? well, there are always these fine young princes to dream about, if you're into that sort of thing. >> yachts, polo, wealth, jewelry, you name it. >> reporter: yeah, that. you'd just better finally learn to find lichtenstein, lum emburg on the map where you mind find the grandsons of princess grace.
9:37 am
andrea named one of the most beam people. dashing prince wenceslas of lichtenstein. all you have to do is tear him from the arms of a victoria's model. this prince has build his own wealth working for a hedge fund in no. yes. prince amedeo from belgium has choken finance in the big apple. his brother joakim also single. love sideburns but hate commoners? a prince for you too. albert von turn. this prince loving playing polo, one of the wealthiest prince ms. in the wofrmtd prince of norway married a former party girl single mom.
9:38 am
swedish princess crown married her personal trainer. which brings us finally to her brother, prince carl philip. race car driver, graphic designer, navy man, and lady's man. well, there are still more princes. this prince definitely has the wealth. he's worth about $22 billion. he's got connections with the likes of mariah carey, janet jackson. he had a party where he had joan collins there. >> reporter: and the goody bags, a kenyan safari and dental makeover. thanks, prince. that's just charming. ♪ showing me your handsome >> reporter: as hard as it may be believe, or not. marrying a prince is not for everyone. prince william said he had his heart broken once by a young lady who didn't want the
9:39 am
lifestyle. once they're married and trying to figure out where they're going to live permanently in london they'll be staying at trusty clarence house right across from where we are right now where prince harry also lives. al? don't forget three weeks from now we'll all be there live starting at 4:00 a.m., 1:00 a.m. pacific time. up next, rainy day fashion for moms and little girls right after these messages. hey kids, mommy's got a surprise for you. [ rattling ] wanna see what's in it? yeah!
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9:43 am
there's no time like the present to add a few trendy pieces to your wet weather wardrobe. chassis post is lifestyle editor. >> thanks for having me. >> i was able to get a sneak peek at what you have. the kids are adorable. the moms are great. the key is you don't have to go matchy, matchy. >> you really don't. it's hard enough to get out the door in the morning. there's so many great trends out there for both mommies and their little one. no need. >> no need to do that. >> unless you want to. >> let's get to the first look. jennifer and her daughter macy. what trend are they sporting? >> jennifer and macy are sporting the classic trench. the focus is on the timeless trench coat. >> tell us about macy. >> macy is wearing a beautiful classic trench from zora kids, and it's $59, and what we love about trench coats, is they're the ultimate and classic raincoats. they never go out of stale so
9:44 am
they're great investment pieces. we love the little button detail. we paired it with striped l leggings from the gap and the bright yellow boots. lands end, $30. >> i love the versatility with all that. and jennifer, the mom? >> jennifer is also wearing a trench from zora. we call it the mom's uniform. you really can throw it on with anything. it makes an instant outfit. it's perfect for a drop-off at school or work. rain or shine, a trench always works. we paired jennifer's treb. with classic leggings. and then her shoes, these are so fantastic. >> they look qom fortable and great. >> classic ballet flats. they're made out of rubber. j. crew. you can wear them outside and
9:45 am
out. >> then we have delia and ar very irar. >> deta and aria are wearing the bright paernd color trend. what this is all about is the mixing and matching of patterns. it's a huge trend this spring. >> aria is wearing a little ladybug coat. it's just $36 and we love the big polka dots. >> it's fun. >> it's fun. kids have a ph.d. in the mixing and matching. the trend is really to just go for it. so we mixed her big polka dots with different colored polka dot leggi leggings. >> and dita, mom, is having fun. >> it's great investment piece. what we love so much about it is it's a traditional shaped slipper but it's a really mod print so it really elevates the
9:46 am
look. throw in taxi cab yellow rain boots. what we love is the neon-striped umbrella. it is really fun. all of these pieces are great on their own. what's fun is the mixing and matching, and the umbrella is $24. >> it looks fun. thank you, ladies. up next, heather and seonna. this is the military look? >> yes. this is our military look. heather and tiona are showing us how to do it. military has been huge for the past couple of seasons. we're still in business. >> tiona looks like amelia earhart. >> it's sort of a softening of the military look. it's an inspiration but not full on. the jacket is from zara kids. $49. the buttons and the grommets.
9:47 am
>> and the white jean. >> love the white jean. you don't have to wear them just in summer and spring. it's sort of unisex. it's got sort of a transports masculine. we throw on a polka dot scarf for fiona. >> heather's jacket looks versatile. >> we love it. it's from h & m. slouchy look. $49. love the details like the drawstring waist and the big gold buttons and the zipper. it doesn't scream military but it's a more sophisticaew fisty look. >> the rain boots with the high heel. >> good news is they're really comfortable because they're rubber. these are from sperry. they're just $59 and a really great look. you've got to talk about heather's umbrella. >> yes, we do. we are crazy about this
9:48 am
umbrella. it's from kate's spade. it's a big splurge. more than $75. but what we love is no place else on the market can we find this great stripe. you can take it. it's great quality and won't turn inside out at the first gust of wind. >> thank you, ladies. next we have audra and lola. '70s chic. you're rocking it, girls. >> '70s is a huge trend this season. >> she's got the pink coat on. >> roller disco look. hot pink, $45. what we love is it rolls up into a little ball. really portable for kids on the go when you don't know if it's going to rain or shine. hunter clogs. they're $50. great alternative to the rain
9:49 am
boot. >> audra's look, very sheikh. >> very sheikh. the bohemian staple, the poncho has been belted and has a more flattering silhouette. from h & m, $49. >> we'll bring out all the moms and daughters. you all look so fantastic. you make rain seem fantastic. >> don't they. >> great recipes for using the fresh produce of the season. first this is "today" on nbc.
9:50 am
9:51 am
and this morning in today's kitchen, spring-inspired dishes, step by step from vibrant greens to boysenberries and tomatoes. chef andrea has a few simple ideas straight from her book "cooking in the moment." andrea, great to meet you. >> great to be here.
9:52 am
>> what's your philosophy on food? >> my philosophy is food on season is the easiest and fastest and most delicious way to make a meal. people hold out that it's hard and takes expert skills. that needs the case. >> what do we have here? >> what we have here is green garlic. this is really, really fragrant. these are really, really sweet fresh peas. >> ooh. >> first of the year. >> those are good. >> we're just going to add them to this garlic. >> what are you sauteing the garlic in? >> in garlic. it's important to get all the sweet and spicy flavor out of the garlic before having the peas so we have this nice flavor base. later we'll add a little bit of water. it's a neutral flavor. it doesn't require a stock. you want the flavor of the peas and the garlic. >> and they're brightening up as they cook. >> and they're brightening up as they cook. if you don't have fresh peas or you i don't have kids around to
9:53 am
shell your peas for you, you can use frozen peas. they taste good. >> hi, kidds, daddy's gone fun for you. shell the peas and later you can wax daddy's car. >> over here you add peas and to them we add nice seasonal lettuces. this is some butter crunch. >> right in the pot. >> right in there. this is the time of year where we're almost inundated with lettuce and people start to run out of ideas for salad and are sick of salad. this is a great idea on a cold day where we can get something warming but also all about spring. >> you cook it down? >> wilt it a little bit. >> how do you serve it? >> add some water you. can serve it under a piece of grilled fish, a nice light lunch dish, add more butter. and it kind of makes its own sauce. >> while this is cooking down, let's head back here. you've got a great dessert back
9:54 am
here. >> okay. >> berries are now coming in season. >> yes. >> so you've got a great bread pudding. >> this is a great bread pudding. this is a berry pudding. it has a little bit of bread in it. this is great really concentrated, really easy delicious way to serve that. >> how do you prep the berries? >> they've been cooked very briefly with a little bit of salt and a little bit of sugar and a little bit of lemmon. >> what do you do with these? >> dump them in. >> into the sieve. >> yes. that's what's going to bind our dessert. i'm going to add a little more salt and a little more pep sneer and while andrea does that, i'm pushing -- >> what are you doing? >> i'm pushing these -- >> don't be too rough. >> don't mush the berries. >> come on. >> and suddenly it took a turn.
9:55 am
come back after -- >> i was set up. >> anyway, you put it in, make it cold, and then it's something like -- come back and join us. it's just a show. wow. >> you're trying to have dessert first back here? >> exactly. hey, it's our show. we can eat it in whatever order we want. andrea, thank you so much. boy, it looks fantastic. come on back. >> coming up,
9:56 am
9:57 am
>> live, local, latebreaking. this is the wbal-tv 11 news update. >> mixture of sunshine and clouds this morning, and the clouds dominate a bit. temperatures start out in the 40's. look at this warmer air starting
9:58 am
to drift a little further north. we expect to be up in the 60's during the day today. chance for rain late in the day. higher chance on friday. [ male announcer ] are you watching cable? here's what you should be watching: your cable bill. because you could be paying way too much. stop spending more for second best. upgrade to verizon fios and get tv, internet and phone for just $99.99 a month for a year. call now and get this special bonus: $100 back. fios is a 100% fiber-optic network
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